Aircraft Management

Asset management is a tricky business. Even the most successful businessmen take advice on making sure their most precious assets receive the attention they need to keep them retaining their value. As such, managing your companies’ single biggest asset can be somewhat of a challenge and daunting if tackled on your own.

jetmatrix however, has many years service in assisting and advising clients in pre purchase, purchase and delivery of their aircraft. We can take either an advisory role or we can act upon instruction to complete the delivery of the aircraft from its initial inception. JetMatrix aims to make sure the owner gets the right aircraft for their needs and delivers it, on time, on schedule and on price.

The day to day running of the aircraft also needs to be as seamless as the flying itself. Not just arranging charters for clients, our operations team completes the daily rigours of arranging aircraft permits, over flight clearances and flight plans allowing for the most efficient routing of your aircraft. We can also manage the aircraft maintenance programs, and ensure all maintenance is completed to the highest standards too.

jetmatrix does this by having its own in house flight department tailored specifically for each of our owners’ aircraft. With each owners needs differing to another, specialise in the recruiting of pilots and flight attendants who will maintain the highest standards onboard.

With our group of highly trained operations staff, they fully understand the demands of long and short haul flight operations. We only use and employ some of the best pilots in the industry to help ensure that even the most concerned passengers are in good hands. Our clients’ comfort and safety is paramount at jetmatrix .

In doing all of this we operate a 24/7 global management contract for private individuals and companies. We work very closely with personal assistants to ensure that their principals engagements are never missed regardless of the time of day or the continent.

Try jetmatrix and see how we can add value to your aircraft operation by saving you money and your most precious asset – time.